The Japanese Odyssey 2017 – del 2

Arrangørene av The Japanese Odyssey minner nok en gang om det litt uvanlige trettendagersrittet gjennom Japan hvor det finnes både obligatoriske og valgfrie ruter. Her et lite utdrag av et referat fra en tidligere gjennomføring.

The apocalypse.

It looked as if the most difficult portion of my segment was behind me.
I reached the top of Mount Norikura in the Prefecture of Nagano (Japan), and joined 2 other entrants who headed, long minutes before me, for a warm and dry place.

Dark clouds covered the sky.  And I knew for sure that the descent under that heavy rain would be more than challenging.
Torrents of water rushed on the road. Disc-brakes were unable to stop my engine. And I was left with little choice but to ruin my cleats on the asphalt.

From there I am unable to say if what followed is what really happened or if it is simply the figment of my imagination. But at one point I closed my eyes. And I saw snow flakes getting heavier, turning into golden pearls, and forming a snowstorm.
When I opened my eyes again, I was sitting on the street. Our 3 bikes were leaning on the window of a 7-Eleven konbini. We were gulping food.

All was silent.

With my partner Guillaume when we started to imagine the Japanese Odyssey and to work on the event, we had in mind something wild. We were dreaming of an event with a high mileage. We were dreaming of an event exploring the wilderness of Japan. Last year, the second edition met our expectations. Maybe even a bit too much……

We are pleased to present you the third edition of the Japanese Odyssey. It is a self-supported bicycle endurance event, with a simple ethos: the clock never stops, no mandatory route, and no private support.

This edition will start from Tokyo on August 12, 2017. Entrants will have to reach Kitakyūshū within a 13 day time limit. They may take the route of their choice, as long as they go through the 9 imposed segments. Depending on the route choices it is a «voyage» of about 3,200 km.
This year the adventure motto is: secondary, unnamed and untraveled roads. We want to take the riders with us into a secluded Japan, in remote areas.

Here is the map of the 2017 Odyssey Tour:

The Japanese Odyssey is a demanding adventure. But not only.
It is also an attempt to place the entrants in touch with the traditions, customs and culture of the country. Up to them to slow down and to open their eyes.

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